20 challenging questions and interesting answers!

Question 2/20: For which type of waste is the Waste-to-Energy treatment the best option?
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Question 9/20: How can you use the incombustible fraction that's left over after the Waste-to-Energy process?
Onbrandbare fractie
Question 11/20: What do we use baking soda for during municipal solid waste combustion?
Dwarsdoorsnede WtE plant
Question 12/20: How do we ensure that wet waste can be burned?
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Question 13/20: What are the two most common chemical reaction products while burning municipal solid waste?
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Question 14/20: How do we keep the fire burning without adding extra fuel?
Singapore 7IP Waste-to-Energy Facility
Question 15/20: What is by far considered the most important stage during steel coating (mostly carbon or low alloy steel)?
Waste-to-Energy plant during construction - Bialystok Poland
Question 16/20: Which thermodynamic cycle takes place during a Waste-to-Energy process?
Dwarsdoorsnede WtE plant
Question 17/20: How does the energy efficiency of a Waste-to-Energy boiler relate to a conventional power plant?
Departement 03
Question 18/20: How is the vast majority of organic toxic substances destroyed in Waste-to-Energy?
Wt E Power Island Hongkong
Question 19/20: The turbine receives steam at high pressure and temperature. What comes out on the other side of the turbine?
Plant hi res
Question 20/20: How do you capture dioxins?
Waste-to-Energy to be constructed - Gujarat India

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